reviving the islamic spirit

RIS Wrap-Up

This past weekend, Bahiya Collections attended the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference (RIS) in Toronto, as a vendor in the bazaar.  This was RIS’ largest conference yet, with at least 15,000 Muslims in attendance.

The feature item in our booth was the Veilkini Swimsuit.  We rented a mannequin for the event to display the swimsuit and the response and feedback from sisters was overwhelmingly positive.  It was easily our best seller of the weekend and many of those who didn’t purchase one, expressed strong interest in potentially buying one in the future.

For a lot of people, seeing a mannequin dressed up in the swimsuit was an intriguing sight.  People who were about to walk past our booth, would stop in their tracks to look at the mannequin, which was also loaded with make-up (that’s how she came!)

From the many sisters we spoke to, we could sense that this swimsuit was a solution to a problem many of them were trying to solve.  The spandex and polyester material of the suit makes it a comfortable fit in the water and doesn’t require anything else to be worn over it.  And the fact that there is a string that ties the top down to the pants to prevent the top from floating up was a unique feature not found in other swimsuits on the market.

This was the first convention/event for Bahiya Collections and was an excellent opportunity for us to get our name out there – especially in our home town of Toronto.  The days were very long.  We arrived at 10am on Friday to setup prior to Jummah.  The bazaar officially opened after Jummah and we stayed until 11:30pm.  Saturday and Sunday we opened at 9:30am and stayed until 11:00pm.  Needless to say, it was a very hectic and tiring weekend!

We look forward to improving our booth for the next RIS convention in 2010 Insha’Allah!