Maxi Skirt

Eid Shopping…

Have you started shopping for your Eid outfits and gifts?  This year, I’ve decided to get all my Eid shopping done before Ramadan starts (insha Allah).  As Ramadan is going to be in the long, hot summer days, I decided it’s best to use my time wisely to perform acts of worship and kindness instead of being busy with shopping.  Today I went out to get gifts for my husband and friends.  It was quite a hot day so light colours, sunglasses and comfy shoes are must wear items.  Here’s what I wore:

Outfit consists of:

Skirt: Old Navy

Poncho: Forever 21

T-shirt: The Gap

Scarf: Boutique N-ti

Purse: Aldo

Sandal: The Gap

Cuff: Guess

Ring: Guess

Watch: Jessica

Sunglasses: JLo


Yesterday’s OOTD

This is what I wore yesterday to a family gathering.  I’m thankful I wore my light chiffon skirt yesterday and not today, when the weather was terribly cold and windy….brrr!  I’m loving the hot pink colour and I think it’s a colour trend that I’ll hang on to for a while…


Outfit consists of:

Cardigan and Undershirt: H&M

Pleated Maxi Chiffon Skirt: Old Navy

Bag: Aldo

Boots: Denver Hayes

Accessories: Aldo and self-made