Miss Referee

Referee shirt. That’s what my husband thinks the shirt I’m wearing looks like. But I don’t care! It’s super comfy, lightweight and doesn’t need ironing! To a busy mom that’s the holy trinity when it comes to clothing!




Outfit consists of:

Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Mahal ul Jannah

Sandals: Naturalizer

Scarf: Bahiya Collections

Ring: Guess


Product Review: Austere Attire

I received this hijab from Austere Attire called Demesne to do a review of.  Austere Attire was started in 2010 by two friends Nilab Abdurahman and Marya Ayloush who made hijabs with chains, ruffles, and lace for family and friends.  Since then it has grown to a wider audience and an online store. You can also find them on Facebook 

The hijab I received: Demesne. Image taken from Austere Attire’s Facebook page.

This particular hijab is a wrap style featuring a zip.  I believe it’s not in stock anymore but they have other styles that have a zip feature.  First off I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the fabric is!  The picture doesn’t do it justice, as there is a slight gold shimmer in the fabric! 🙂


  • unique design with the zip.
  • lightweight fabric that doesn’t slide around much and is good for hot summer days.
  • versatile piece that can be paired with many different looks (the gold shimmer makes it formal enough for evening wear while the zip feature keeps it edgy to be casual).
  • generous size that provides ample coverage and different ways to style it.
  • good quality workmanship with surged edges in matching thread.


  • The main drawback for me is that the zipper is not the greatest.  You have to be careful when opening/closing the zip as it can easily get caught in the fabric or become fully opened. (I’m a klutz so maybe that’s why it got caught up in the fabric 😦 )

Overall, I love this scarf!  It’s so me!  I’d rate it an 8 out of 10.  My suggestion for improvement would be to use a higher quality zipper that glides smoother.

If you’re looking for a special Eid gift, then this unique hijab fits the bill (or any of the other styles from Austere Attire).  Head on over to Austere Attire to browse their selection of hijabs! Based on my contact with them via email, I can say their customer service was great, with quick replies to my emails. They have a Ramadan sale on now with all their printed wraps for $10 and their signature Amour hijabs for $20. I just think I might be doing a bit of hijab shopping myself as well as I’ve been ogling their signature Amour hijabs  😀

After hard work, cometh ease….

So all the last- minute studying and assignment completions finally reaps some rewards. I’m a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to doing my school work, but I do get it done on time, and it’s good work too (if I do say so myself 😀 )

Last night I attended our college’s annual student awards night.  It was an evening dedicated for presenting the top students of the college with various awards and recognitions.   I was honoured to be among the recipients, Alhamdulillah.

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Outfit Consists of:

Hijab: Vela

Dress: Unbranded

Trousers: Ricki’s

Ring, Shoes & Clutch: Aldo