Product Reviews

Review: Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

My older son started kindergarten this month and since it’s full day, mama has to pack him a lunch. As he’s a picky eater, I was worried about what foods to give him and how to pack it. He’s more of a grazer rather than a big eater so I needed a lunchbox that accommodated a variety of foods.

After doing my research, I settled on the Bentgo kids lunchbox. He’s been using it everyday for school and loves it! I really like the durable, food safe construction and the well sized compartments. After using it for a few weeks, I’ve listed the pros and cons that we’ve seen thus far.


  • Outer shell has rubber-coated edges which makes it drop proof.
  • Easy to open and close, especially for little hands.
  • Seal on the lid of the outer shell prevents spills and mixing of food.
  • Removable tray is dishwasher safe and the compartments are easy to clean.
  • 2 year warranty: Bentgo will replace your product if it becomes defective within 2 years of purchase.
  • Purchase with a purpose: they support the non-profit organization Feed the Children.


  • On the heavier side: it weighs slightly over 1lb.
  • Slightly bulky: takes up quite a lot of room in a lunch bag.

A few brands I considered purchasing include the Yumbox, Monbento and Bentology. In the end, the pros of the Bentgo outweighed those of all the other brands.

Leave me a comment on what you use for your child’s lunch box. 🙂


Hijab organizing tips

There are probably hundreds of blog posts on how to store hijabs! I’m just going to add to it as well 🙂  My friend over at Hafsacreates posted on Instagram asking her followers for hijab organizing tips. After I shared how I store/organize my scarves, she encouraged me to write a blog post about it. And so here we are (a couple months later!).

I use an IKEA multi-use hanger, similar to this, for my everyday go to scarves. The benefits of this hanger are multiple: scarves don’t get as wrinkled on it, they are easily accessible and removing one from the hanger doesn’t interfere with the others. It also takes up minimal room in my closet.




For my “fancier” scarves, those for Eids, weddings and other special occasions, I use the IKEA Skubb boxes as dividers to organize them. I first separate them by colour, then fold them to roughly the same size and stack them horizontally against each other in the boxes. It’s visually appealing as the scarves are organized by colour and you can quickly see how many of one colour you have (or don’t have). And the boxes keep the scarves contained so when you take one out, it doesn’t mess up your entire drawer.






The above method keeps me in check with my scarf purchases! If I’m thinking of buying a scarf (or two!) I quickly glance at my collection to see which colour/material/design I already have. I’ve been able to resist some impulse purchases this way but also bought a few colours that were missing (hello dusty pink and all those nudes!). On a positive note, I did a major purge when I first implemented this system and have continually done smaller purges within the last couple of years. Now if only I wasn’t slightly addicted to the Voile Chic collection, my wallet would be happier! 😛





Product review: washable nursing pads

Today’s review is my first ‘mom’ specific one. As any new mom knows, breastfeeding, in the beginning especially, is quite a challenge. Alhamdulillah,  I was/am able to breastfeed T. Throughout my pregnancy and now post partum,  I’ve tried to use products that are more natural and contain as little chemical ingredients as possible. So when it came time to decide on which nursing pads to use I was conflicted between the disposables versus washables. I bought both and tried them out. In the beginning I preferred the disposables as it meant less laundry and felt drier. However, after noticing the gel filling on my baby’s face I FREAKED! So I started hunting for better washable ones.

Up came Omees Boutique, an Etsy shop that sells a variety of handmade, eco-friendly mom and baby products. I decided to give the washable pads from here a try as the reviews were good, it was locally based and made and the colourful assortment of fabric appealed to the fashion-conscious side of me (hey a mom’s gotta look good too!).




  • four layers of flannel fabric makes them very absorbent.
  • no bunching up as with the stick on disposables.
  • no irritating scrunching noises.
  • soft flannel makes it’s more gentle against the skin.
  • size is appropriate – not too big or too small.
  • holds up to frequent laundering very well.


  • if not washed in a lingerie bag, it can get ‘lost’ when doing the laundry! I’ve misplaced  2 already 😦
  • needs a bit of flattening out when it comes out of the drier (I haven’t ironed them but that might be a good solution).
  • if you have a heavy let-down, you’ll need to double up.

Overall, I LOVE these and would highly recommend them to breastfeeding mamas!

This is what they look like after washing and drying.  Notice how it got a bit fluffier….that’s the four layers of flannel at work! 😉












Product Review: Austere Attire

I received this hijab from Austere Attire called Demesne to do a review of.  Austere Attire was started in 2010 by two friends Nilab Abdurahman and Marya Ayloush who made hijabs with chains, ruffles, and lace for family and friends.  Since then it has grown to a wider audience and an online store. You can also find them on Facebook 

The hijab I received: Demesne. Image taken from Austere Attire’s Facebook page.

This particular hijab is a wrap style featuring a zip.  I believe it’s not in stock anymore but they have other styles that have a zip feature.  First off I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the fabric is!  The picture doesn’t do it justice, as there is a slight gold shimmer in the fabric! 🙂


  • unique design with the zip.
  • lightweight fabric that doesn’t slide around much and is good for hot summer days.
  • versatile piece that can be paired with many different looks (the gold shimmer makes it formal enough for evening wear while the zip feature keeps it edgy to be casual).
  • generous size that provides ample coverage and different ways to style it.
  • good quality workmanship with surged edges in matching thread.


  • The main drawback for me is that the zipper is not the greatest.  You have to be careful when opening/closing the zip as it can easily get caught in the fabric or become fully opened. (I’m a klutz so maybe that’s why it got caught up in the fabric 😦 )

Overall, I love this scarf!  It’s so me!  I’d rate it an 8 out of 10.  My suggestion for improvement would be to use a higher quality zipper that glides smoother.

If you’re looking for a special Eid gift, then this unique hijab fits the bill (or any of the other styles from Austere Attire).  Head on over to Austere Attire to browse their selection of hijabs! Based on my contact with them via email, I can say their customer service was great, with quick replies to my emails. They have a Ramadan sale on now with all their printed wraps for $10 and their signature Amour hijabs for $20. I just think I might be doing a bit of hijab shopping myself as well as I’ve been ogling their signature Amour hijabs  😀

Product Review – iLoveModesty

During the last Hijabi Fashion Week, I entered one of the daily giveaways and won a scarf, compliments of iLoveModesty.comThe Karina Triangular Ruffle Hijab is a triangular-shaped crinkle chiffon scarf that has layers of ruffles on one side of the scarf.  It’s a unique piece that is very lightweight which makes it good to wear in warmer climates.

Karina Triangular Ruffle Scarf (image taken from


  • unique design and concept
  • lightweight fabric (good to wear in the warmer months)
  • crinkle chiffon material makes it very wearable
  • can be paired with many looks – casual, elegant, formal etc.


  • single-layer material which makes it somewhat see-through
  • needs to be worn with an under cap to make sure your hair isn’t showing
  • slightly small for my likeness to achieve good chest coverage

Overall, the scarf is a keeper!  If I can suggest any improvements, it would be to increase the size of the scarf and have a double layer of material 🙂  I hope you found my review helpful.  Thank you to Love Hijabi Fashion Week for hosting another great Hijabi Fashion Week  and iLoveModesty for sponsoring one of the giveaways!