Anything but basic

The black maxi dress.

With this pregnancy I find myself reaching for easy to wear, needs no ironing, can withstand a messy toddler, kind of clothes. If there’s one such item in my closet it has got to be this sleeveless maxi dress I bought during my first pregnancy. It’s not designed as maternity wear but because of the stretchy fabric and cut, it literally grows with you during pregnancy. Plus I bought it in a size bigger than I was at the time. I’ve mostly worn it with loose cardigans but it looks just as good with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. Add the right accessories and this dress goes from casual to evening ready.


IMG_2444(1)Outfit consists of:

Dress: The Bay

Cardigan: Thyme Maternity

Scarf: H&M

Here’s how I styled it for a wedding during my first pregnancy:

maxidress4And here it is with a t-shirt worn under:



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