YazTheSpaz is Coming to SIS TORONTO!


Your SIS hostesses, Hijabi Mama & Blossom & Bean are so excited to announce that the wonderful and beautiful YazTheSpaz is coming to SIS TORONTO on May 25th!

If you live under a rock and don’t know who she is allow me to enlighten you… She is one of the original hijabi YouTubers based in Miami, FL, USA. As a cuban/turkish muslim online personality, she has inspired muslimahs from around the world with her creative hijab styling tutorials and sense of humour. With almost 500,000 Facebook followers, 56K instagram followers, 12K twitter followers and 45K Youtube subscribers, let’s just say this girl has reach! We are honoured she has agreed to visit us at SIS TORONTO! InshaAllah! Check out one of our favourite YazTheSpaz tutorials below!

If that’s not enough you can catch her in the upcoming movie “American Sharia” with Omar Regan & Baba Ali! Exciting stuff!

At SIS TORONTO, Yaz will be…

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