Another weekend, another fabulous bridal shower…

This one was a surprise bridal shower for my cousin-in-law, organized by her beautiful SIL’s.  The bride-to-be thought she was going to her nephew’s birthday party but lo and behold when she opened the door, there in front of her were the eager, happy faces of her beloved friends and family! ‘Twas  a wonderful afternoon, filled with fun games, laughter, yummy food and great company!  Here’s what I wore:

Outfit consists of:

Dress: Jessica

Blouse: Melanie Lynne

Scarf: Islamically Designed

Bag, Cuff and Ring: Guess

Shoe: Aldo

Sunglasses: JLO



  1. oh my gosh…cant help but comment…you look beautiful..your outfit is well selected and combined to look super fabulous.. kudos.. will definitely take a cue..

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