Hijabi Fashion Week – Day 2 Favourite Hijab

This post is a bit late but today is the last day to submit the look, so here goes.  “Today’s theme is about one of your favorite items of clothing: your favorite hijab! We all want to know what your favorite hijab is and what made it worthy of such a title 😀 The outfits you share for today’s theme should be inspired by this favorite hijab–whether you chose it for comfort, style, versatility, or whatsoever else! Give us a look into what kind of scarves you like best and what kind of scarves you’re on the hunt for, this season!”

My favourite hijab at the moment has to be my square fuchsia one!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve worn it the past few months!  I love to wear it because it’s made from a slip-free chiffon-georgette fabric that gives a bright pop of colour. I’ve done a few outfits of the day where this scarf was part of the look.  As such, I’ll be using those pictures 🙂

To see the favourite hijabs of the other participants, click here:                                                 



  1. actually love all of them! The color of the hijab is awesome. And Lady, you can color coordinate! Love, love the first look.Where did you get the blouse from?

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