Hijabi Fashion Week – Day 5 Special Occasions

Today’s theme is special occasions and  according to the guidelines “For this theme, we’re asking you to go all out, modest hijabi-style! What’s your favorite special occasion, or what special occasion have you recently enjoyed? What did you, or would you, to such an occasion? Your choice of special occasion can be anything at all,–from cultural to Islamic, to your very own personal tradition (hey, if it’s special to you, we can dig it!).”

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, the hubs and I have quite a few weddings to go to this year.  So for today’s theme I chose to use an outfit that I wore to a walima (reception) last weekend:

Outfit consists of:

Dress: Gifted

Bolero: Le Chateau

Scarf: Laura

Clutch: Aldo

Ring: Aldo

Bangles: wedding gift from the hubs

Brooch: Bahiya Collections

Headband: Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoes: unbranded

To see what the other Hijabi Fashion Week participants wore, click on the picture below:



  1. This is the first time I am seeing your blog. I love your taste for fashion, very good mashsallah. and I am guessing, this is the same walima that I was with you too..

    1. Wasalam and thank you. I don’t often wear red because I don’t think it looks that good on me but judging from your lovely comments, I think I’ll try to wear it a bit more 😉

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