Hijabi Fashion Week Day 3 – Time Travel

I’ve missed the first two days of this year’s Hijabi Fashion Week (well I still have a few days to submit them, but I haven’t decided if I will). According to the description given, ” today’s theme of “time travel” (or “then and now”) is all about taking inspiration from a past style or an older item, and bringing it up-to-date for the present! As with all our categories, you can interpret this as you wish, as long as you keep it modest!” (Hijabi Fashion Week 2012)

So my outfit centered around a horizontal-striped sleeveless shirt that was gifted to me over 10 years ago!  It’s still in prim and proper condition and because it’s made of Lycra and spandex, it’s uber comfortable and stretchy.  I believe that black and white stripes is timeless but to give my outfit a kick, I wore a skirt in the on-trend neon pink colour.  Here is my look:

Outfit consists of:

Skirt: Old Navy

Striped shirt: Fairweather

Cardigan: The Gap

Scarf: Boutique N-Ti

Sandals: Aldo

Bag: Aldo

To see what other participants wore, click on the picture below:



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