Another Friday, Another Kaftan

Hello lovelies!

I’m in a fashion phase where all I want to wear is loose, flowy, light, colourful clothing.  I think it’s because the weather is just so beautiful right now.  I bought a few kaftan-tunics at the end of last summer and I want to wear them everyday!  It’s been a trend now that every Friday I reach for one of these tunics to wear 🙂  I only bought them in 3 different colours so I’ll have to re-purpose them to continue wearing it every so often.  I love the bright colours and pattern of the kaftan-tunic I wore today! Let me know your thoughts on it as well…

Outfit consist of:

Tunic: Limite

T-shirt: H&M

Pant: Limite

Flip Flops: Aldo

Bag: Guess

Accessories and Scarf: random bazaar stalls

Watch: Dolce & Gabbana 


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