Product Review – Unique Hijabs

A while back I received two scarves from Unique Hijabs: the crinkle hijab oasis- blue and the light hijab verge gray (both rectangular) for the purpose of doing a review on them.  I must acknowledge the good customer service of Unique Hijabs as my emails were responded to promptly. Now on to the good stuff, the hijabs and my review!

Of the two hijabs I received, the crinkle oasis- blue is my fav!  It’s very lightweight, provides adequate coverage and best of all I DON’T HAVE TO IRON! 😀  It’s made from viscose which means that you have to be careful with the types of pins you use as it can snag.  I like the pattern and colours as it reminds me of the good weather that is about to come in Spring and Summer.  Because of it’s lightness, it’s great to wear in warmer climates but having said that, I did wear this scarf in the Winter and it kept my head fairly warm.

The other scarf I received is the light hijab verge gray.  As the name suggests, it is very,very light weight. It’s almost as though you’re not wearing anything on your head.  It’s made from a mixture of viscose and cotton and because of the thin texture, stick pins can sometimes come loose from the hijab.  I have a thing for gray and I’ve worn this scarf so many times the last few weeks.  I think because it has a  black border, I feel safe wearing it as a substitute for a black scarf. The pink flowers add just the right amount of detail to make this scarf a bit more interesting for everyday wear.  I could’ve done without the fringes on the end, but that is just me. If there is one complain that I have, it is that it’s a bit too narrow and does not provide enough chest coverage for my liking. However, if you layer it with another scarf, as it is so lightweight, it would provide the needed coverage.

Me wearing the light hijab verge gray:

Overall, I’d recommend both of these scarves as they are lightweight, easy to care for, affordable and perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer temps!  Head on over to Unique Hijabs where you can purchase your very own 🙂


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