Black and White kinda day

Last weekend my husband and I accompanied his family to the MIST Toronto fundraising dinner.  MIST is the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament that is aimed at bringing together high school students to participate in competitions that range from Islamic knowledge, arts and sports.  If you live in certain cities in the US and Canada and have kids or relatives who are in high school, make sure you encourage them to check out what MIST is all about.

It’s a weird Winter we’re having in TO, and it’s hard to dress for the weather which can be freezing cold one minute and almost spring-like a few hours after.  Anywho, this is what I wore to the dinner 🙂

Outfit consists of:

Kerchief-bottom dress: Limite

Long Sleeve Tee: Yazthespaz

‘Fur’ Shrug: Forever 21

Black wide leg Pants: Melanie Lyne

Clutch: Aldo

Cuff: Bahiya Collections

Scarf: Laura

Broach and Headband: Unbranded



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