Visit with my nephew…

A couple posts back, I shared some pictures from a baby shower I had for my very close friend M.  Well, she’s had her lovely, bouncing baby boy Z and today was my first meeting with the little prince 🙂  I wore something that was comfy and no fuss as holding a newborn can be a bit tricky.  I can’t wait to see him again, I oh – so – love how a baby smells 🙂

Outfit consists of:

Cardigan: Costa Blanca

Tunic Dress: H&M

Jeans: Old Navy

Scarf: Bahiya Collections

Headband: Aldo

Purse: Aldo



  1. I love the dress! Whenever I go into H&M, I never have any luck with the dresses. Baby’s are so cute when small mashallah, congrats to your friend!

    1. Thanks Humaira! I find that the end of summer is a really good time to get the dresses. I was lucky this past year that H&M stocked really loose fitting clothing, so I grabbed quite a few 😉

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