Breakfast at Tiffany’s…..errr

That should read: breakfast at Eggsmart 😀  It’s a nice breakfast/brunch/lunch place that has a variety of mainstay breakfast dishes like omelets, pancakes and waffles.  The hubs and I both ordered omelets that came with house fries, toast and a few pieces of fruit.  We were hungry since it was a late breakfast for  us…my fault…I find it really difficult to wake up early when I don’t have to go to college or work.  The hubs would disagree and say that I find it difficult to wake up in general! lol

Waiting for our order to come…

Who can I text so I don't notice how hungry I am?

Guess which one I chose?! 😀

My breakfast…

Spinach and Feta Omelet

Nom Nom Nom!!!

Barely got  a snap of the hubs meal before it was all gone… 😀

Salmon and Provolone Omelet

Let’s see how sturdy these high chairs really are…

Pretty sturdy I'd say.....


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