Last long weekend of the Summer :(

So this past Labour day weekend was the last long weekend of the Summer and it was already starting to feel a bit like Fall.  The King and I wanted a little quiet time together so we strolled through a quaint 1800’s village on the outskirts of Toronto.  The Black Creek Pioneer Village depicts how the early Canadians lived; the tools they used, the animals that worked their lands and their day to day lives.  It was like going back to a scene from “Little House on the Prairie”.  We took so many pictures but I’ve only selected a few to share….  if you ever have the chance to visit the Black Creek Pioneer Village, please do.  It’s a nice memory of the simpler times 🙂



  1. that and Fort Edmonton park are my favourite historical reenactment sites. Fort Edmonton even has the first mosque in Canada in it’s grounds

    1. Thanks! Lol @ the women’s clothing comment! You sure are right, their clothes were many layers! One of the women who was dressed in the attire said that it consisted of 6 layers, not including the outer dress/coat!

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