Hijabi-Friendly Spring Maxi’s

Winter’s almost done (thank goodness!) and it’s time to bust out the maxi dresses and skirts.  A few popular clothing outlets have a wide variety to choose from so dressing on trend while being modest should be an easy task this spring and summer.  A favourite cardi, long – sleeeve tank top or blazer is all that’s needed to ensure proper coverage.  Below I’ve included a few snaps of what’s available in the stores in Toronto….


H&M flared chiffon dress

H&M's Long Dress

H&M's Halter Chiffon Dress


H&M's Long Chiffon Skirt

Forever 21 -Paisley Tribal Maxi Dress

Forever 21 - One Shoulder Maxi Dress

Forever 21- Pattern Mix Maxi Dress

Forever 21 - Rope Straps Maxi Dress

Forever 21 - Breezy Maxi Dress

Forever 21- Psychedelic Maxi Dress

Forever 21 - Flora Paisley Prairie Skirt

Forever 21 - Lace Maxi Skirt


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