What’s in YOUR bag?

A few of the blogs that I read daily have recently done a ‘What’s in your bag?” post.  In it, they’ve blogged and posted pictures of what can be found in their bags.  They’ve encouraged their readers to do the same and post about the items found in their everyday bags.  Here is my attempt:

My Bag – or as some of my friends like to call it “the suitcase”

Next are the major items you’ll see when you peek into my suitcase: phone, keys, wallet and make-up/everything else purse

These are the contents of the make-up/everything else purse:

Beauty Essentials

Eye Care Necessities

Personal Care/Hygiene Basics

This is a ‘cleaned out’ version of what can be found inside my bag, there are other nick nacks such as tissue, candy, coupons, receipts etc etc that is in there but is too much to include in this post 😀 Now that you’ve seen what’s in my bag, care to share what’s in your bag???


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