I know that I’ve not posted lately, but getting back into the routine of college life is harder than I expected after the four month co-op placement break.  But I’ll try my best to be more attentive to this blog and to better manage my time, Insha Allah.  Plus, the last two weekends I was attending an Al Maghrib course called ‘On the Shoulder of Giants – Lives of the Sahabah’.

I had an amazing time learning about these great men and women who lived with the Prophet SAW.  Their experiences, trials, courage, love for the Prophet SAW and the religion was amazing!  The instructor, Dr Reda Bedeir is such a remarkable teacher!  He presents the lives and challenges of the Sahabahs and then relates it to the challenges that we face today, or as he likes to put it, ‘lets turn the camera to the 21st century now’.  You can check out the Facebook page of Qabeelat Majd (Tribe of Glory) to see some testimonials from other students who took the course too.  In the Al Maghrib Institute structure, each city where courses offered is called a Qabeelat or Tribe and the name for the Qabeelat in Toronto is called  Qabeelat Majd or The Tribe of Glory.

A few gems that the instructor mentioned in the class are:

  • Are we choosing fake silver or real gold?
  • The Sahabahs had the duniya in their hands and the Hereafter in their hearts, we have the Hereafter in our hands and the duniya in our hearts – this makes it easier for us to give up the Hereafter for the pleasures of the Duniya which is not supposed to be the aim of believers.
  • Knowledge is lost because of two things: arrogance and shyness.
  • Knowledge without action is like a body without a soul.
  • The best of deeds are constant, even if they are little.
  • Obey the Creator, not the creation.
  • If you want to be outstanding, stand out.


  1. Masha Allah:) i am very surprised to see such good muslims living in a non-muslim country who are so motivated to their religion, especially girls coz i a a girl myself and it sometimes becomes difficult to follow your religion when all the crap is going on around you. you are doing a really good work i must say, so thumbs up!
    come to visit my blog too myweirdiary.blogspot.com

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