Old Man Winter awakes from his slumber…

Old man winter has definitely awaken from his slumber (with a vengeance) in TO because its FREEZING cold.  The temperature for the entire week is all below the freezing mark, with the coldest one topping off at nearly -20 degrees C with the windchill.  It’s hard to stay warm when you’re outdoors, even though you’ve layered and layered and look like a stuffed turkey that escaped from the thanksgiving table!

To help me keep warm today, I wore this long, wool sweater from Shukr and paired it with my black slacks (under which I wore leggings for extra insulation!).  I also wore a long sleeve undershirt to keep the heat in too!  This is also the perfect time to wear those thick pashminas, as heat escapes from your head if not covered properly 😉

Winter is the perfect time to be a hijabi, except I don’t like the cold 😦

Zaynab Knitted Merino Wool Sweater


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