Jinked by the Soap Dispensers!

I’m sure this happens to other people out there, but I’m not so sure it happens to them as often as it does to me.  I’m referring to the cycle of broken or malfunctioning soap dispensers.  Weird, but I’ve been the victim of this ‘trend’ for the last 2 years or so and have gone through close to a dozen or so soap dispensers in the process.

It all started when I accidentally dropped our (me and my husband’s) first soap dispenser, a ceramic one.  It was part of a washroom set,  you know the ones with the matching toothbrush-holder, shower curtain, mats etc.  I’d bought it at Wal-Mart so I thought nothing of it when it broke.  The one I replaced it with also fell from my hands and broke.

Since then, I’ve moved away from ceramic soap pumps to stainless steel ones.  My logic being they won’t break, even if I dropped them.  My theory paid off for a few months then I noticed little rust stains started appearing. After that, the pump (the spring on the inside, to be precise) no longer worked and I was stuck with a bottle filled with soap but no pump to get it out!

The trend moved on to the soap pumps in the kitchen too.  I recently bought this funky looking white one that has a compartment for the sponge.  From the very first day I used it there was trouble! I filled it with the dish washing liquid but soon found the liquid oozing out from the nozzle.  I didn’t return it to the store as I felt since it was used, they won’t accept returns.  I continued using it, but it has gotten worst.

I’m currently on the look out for a durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing  soap dispenser, but I’m tempted to take the advice of my hubby….don’t bother about dispensers, just use it from the bottle the soap comes in! Like I ever will! 😀

KSP Tango Kitchen Soap Pump - White

The oozing soap pump I currently have in the kitchen


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