Ruffles, Ruffles and more Ruffles. Oh My!

One of the major trends that I’ve noticed for this season is the presence of ruffles on clothing.  Have you been to H&M recently?  There is so much ruffled items to choose from: scarves, tunics, dresses, belts and more!

However, one has to be careful with how to wear all those ruffles, least you end up looking like some fluffy, exotic animal!  The key to looking on trend with the ruffle craze is to wear just ONE ruffled item.  Choose a statement piece and build your outfit around that, or choose your outfit and accessorize appropriately.

A good choice for this season is the ruffled scarf.  These can give an elegant, sophisticated or even edgy look  to an outfit, depending on which one you choose and how you wear it. Theme up an animal-print ruffled scarf with your favourite weekend outfit to add some pizazz to an otherwise casual look.  However, I prefer the more neutral tone ruffled scarves, they’re easier to match with any outfit!

Here are some scarves that I think would work for many different looks:


Osterman Scarf, Aldo $20

Open Knit Ruffle Scarf, Forever 21, $7.80

Women's Lightweight Ruffle Scarf, Old Navy, $12.50


Silk Floral Ruffled Scarf, Ralph Lauren, $48


Wool Check Ruffled Scarf, Ralph Lauren, $88


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