My Perfect Gym Outfit

Adidas Top and Pants

I’m not a gym buff like my husband but I occasionally go to the gym, maybe once or twice a week. One of the main reason I refrained from going was because I couldn’t find ‘modest’ gym clothes.

That was until this past weekend when I went clothes shopping with my husband (which doesn’t happen very often as he’s not very into shopping, unlike me!). We were browsing through one of his favourite stores, Si Vous Play, and I came across this turquoise tennis dress by Adidas.

As soon as I saw it, I had an idea.  Why not wear it as a top to the gym?  It was the perfect long top, and it would keep me cool since its made from a ‘climacontrol’ material that’s suppose to keep you dry and cool.  Now I had to find the perfect pants to finish off my ‘gym outfit’.

As we all know, most gym pants are not exactly hijab friendly. They’re like a second skin, so finding a loose pants was a bit difficult. In the end, I did find one that was loose enough and appropriate for the gym. And they matched perfectly with my new found top!

Not only was it by Adidas, but it was white with blue stripes along the side of the pants that matched perfectly with the turqoise-blue tennis dress.

The only modification I had to make to my outfit was to wear a long sleeve undershirt under the tennis dress. Other than that, I was set. I was so happy! I could finally go back to the gym and feel good about working out while still looking good!

We actually went to the gym that same night! And yes, the dress and pants do actually keep me dry and cool. Now I have to take my husband shopping again for another  ‘gym outfit’ ! 🙂

Sports Hijab Outift



  1. Selam aleik! That’s quite a cool outfit. It’s inspiring to see that there are souls out here who keep on trucking despite sportswear being designed for anyone but us. I just bought a gym outfit, now I’m inspired to post a picture of mine. Thank you!

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